The Orchard, Land to Rent for Your Event.

Joseph Clark. The Orchard Photos The Orchard...A function of Chapter 61B recreation that keeps this storied land open. Photo

 THE ORCHARD: Land to rent for your event.

Halfway between Boston and New York City. 300 acres, hilltop 20 acre field,remote trout brook, wildnerness trails.

 For short and long term tenants:Need a country, remote, but big city accessable "woodstock" style concert venue?

Looking for a wildnerness location for your private party?



SHORT TERM RENTALS INCLUDE; airsoft, paintball, reenactments and other outdoor combat persuit games; private military training academy; long distance firing range; bunkers, fortifications etc; wilderness training school; private tent camping; private parties: motion picture location, (colonial period and WWII settings);


Long term tenant development uses include:Golf course; rv and tent camping area; outdoor concerts (natural open bowl space on 20 acre lawn);horse farm ,acres of pasture; 30 by 72 foot barn which can be developed; any other recreational or entertainment function will be considered.


This property is not for sale, only rent or lease.